B’Sorah luxury tent accommodation:

Type: Luxury tented camp

Approx cost: R630 per night

Website: http://www.bsorah.com

We found this gem by chance, we took a ride out to Harties and I always look to take a new route. Sometimes I check on Google maps for a different route and I try not take the same route back, if you ride out one way you must come back another way. On our way we found a signboard – B’Sorah luxury tented camp. I took down the number and details and called as soon as we got home. I was surprised by the price and availability so we booked for the following weekend.

The Friday when we got home from work, we quickly packed the pannier boxes and hopped onto the bike and left for our weekend away at B’Sorah. Very excited as this was our first time sleeping in a tent. Well a luxury tent with a double bed, bath, shower, toilet and outside kitchenette, fitted with fridge, cutlery and crockery. This was one of the best, most quiet, peaceful weekends we have experienced since before TV. We sat around a fireplace reading and talking and sipping on red wine. The tents are private and secluded in the bush, so if you do not want to see anyone else except the sound of birds and the odd buck roaming past your tent, then B’Sorah is the ideal getaway.

“Hidden among the beautiful bushveld, B’Sorah is home to a luxury safari tented camp and 4×4 campsite. Guests are welcome to explore the farm by foot, or bring your bicycle if you prefer to cycle. B’sorah is a nature lover’s paradise, a place to unwind, relax and get in tune with nature again. Hartbeespoortdam is only fifteen minutes away, and the surrounding attractions, shops and facilities will satisfy every need and keep you busy for hours. For our camp guests, you will hear the francolins’ call at sunset, the perfect accompaniment to your evening barbecue.” – website 


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