Forum Homini

5 Star hotel and restaurant 

Type: Accommodation & Restaurant

Approx: R4 450 per night


We heard about this restaurant from a work colleague and decided to take a look. We arrived at the main gate to the game reserve at Letamo and was informed that you need to make a reservation for the restaurant. This was disappointing but as it was our wedding anniversary celebration we decided to make the reservation for the next week-end.

We received email notifications of our booking and confirmation of payment. On Saturday we then took a second ride out to Letamo game reserve and this time on arrival at the gate our names were on the list. We entered the gate and took the 1.5 km ride down a dirt road to the restaurant and hotel. On arrival it is hidden in the long grass and you would think you are at the wrong place, but clearly marked signage guides you to reception.

The restaurant is built on a small dam and is private and secluded. The waiters and staff are 5 star and professional, and the food is master chef quality. The start of our 5 course breakfast dining experience started with some orange juice, and date yoghurt with sesame and sunflower seeds. Heather and myself looked at the menu and said to each other ‘Kingklip and Venison’ for breakfast? This was confusing as there was no bacon and eggs on the menu. An elderly couple sitting near us were clearly not happy that they could not have bacon and eggs. We decided that this was something we have never done and wanted to explore something new and unique.

Presentation was a work of art on a plate and the combinations of seeds, paste and veggies worked well together. Bringing a taste explosion in your mouth that left you coming back for more. Each portion was exactly what was needed to get to taste each individual item but well balanced to bring it all together.

After breakfast we were pleasantly surprised by a little dessert presented to us to celebrate our 24 year wedding anniversary.


We then went for a short walk around the hotel and was shown the Presidential Suite at only R5 500 per night you get a beautiful spacious room with a lounge and kitchenette, indoor and outdoor double shower, indoor jet bath and outdoor heated splash pool in your own private garden. This is definitely something to try for the next special event to celebrate.

Then we were back on the bike and took a further hour long ride around the game reserve and witnessed a number of animals on the reserve, zebra, springbok, gemsbok, wildebees and eland.

At the bottom of this blog, you can scroll all the way to the bottom to view all the places we have visited over the past 2 and a half years. Click on the name of the restaurant and it will open up, where we went and our experience of the place. Hope you enjoyed this blog, hope to see you out and about soon.


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