Whispering Oak Garden Cafe

Whispering Oak Garden Cafe in Cullinan

We took a nice 2 hour ride out to the small mining town of Cullinan just on the outskirts of Pretoria. On arriving in the small town it is immediately evident of the sole dependency of the Cullinan mine. There are quite a few touristy type attractions, like the mine tours (above and below the ground tours) and the many quaint, little restaurants and curio shops.

The place to be is definitely all happening in Oak street. But don’t take the ride out to Cullinan and then not experience riding through the town and the rows of beautiful trees making an archway of greenery.

We stopped at Whispering Oaks garden cafe, 94 Oak Street, Cullinan for breakfast. They have a homely seating arrangement outdoors under some lapa’s and big sun umbrellas. 

The waiters were fast, friendly and engaging. The food was warm, freshly made and scrumptious. (sadly we have come to realize that not all places serve fresh food, and they compromise taste for speed) It is never good to do this as you chase your customers away. 

A restaurant we have been to has this tag line above the door ‘the food will be remembered long after the wait’ I personally would rather wait an extra 10 minutes for freshly made eggs than eat a rubbery egg that has been heated up 3 times.

We thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast and then walked through a few of the curio shops. There is a nice ‘vibe’ in Cullinan with live music playing at the one outdoor restaurant, an artist was painting at the one restaurant and lots of old antiques and things to see… 

Take time out of your busy schedule to give this small mining town a visit.


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