Rooftop Cafe

Type: Restaurant


We visited Rooftop Cafe this morning on our weekly Saturday breakfast run. We were a bit concerned being the only customers there, but as we ordered another couple came in and by the end of breakfast there were another 2 couples.

Remembering that this is the quiet week between Christmas and New Year and most people have vacated Johannesburg for the sea. It was a pleasant morning as it was slightly overcast and being a rooftop restaurant this was the ideal weather to enjoy the outdoors and great meal.

We tried something different as we always do the standard English breakfast, but this morning we tried the French toast and was pleasantly surprised by the presentation, the flavours and the price. This was probably the best French toast I have eaten anywhere. We had to meet and compliment the chef.

I do love doing these breakfast runs each Saturday we try and visit and experience a new place each week. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of this blog you will see the list of 65 places we have been to so far. Click on the name and read about the place and our experience of it.

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