Old Town Italy

Menlyn on Main

Type: Restaurant

Website: http://oldtown.co.za/

We visited this beautiful Italian styled restaurant and in-house bakery in Menlyn on Maine this morning.

There is a great Italian flare to the place and the fresh smell of the bakery fills the restaurant. The staff are friendly, helpful and attentive. The food is fresh, tasty with an Italian touch. This is a unique dining experience and well worth the 45 min trip up the N1.

They even have their own Gelato bar offering a whole range of flavors. They also have an old bar where you can just sit and relax with a glass of Italian wine, a cocktail or a whiskey.

We thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast and would recommend it to family and friends.

At the bottom of this blog, you can scroll all the way to the bottom to view all the places we have visited over the past 2 and a half years. Click on the name of the restaurant and it will open up, where we went and our experience of the place. Hope you enjoyed this blog, hope to see you out and about soon.

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