Swaziland trip

Type: Travel and Accommodation

Day 1: We went with 18 bikes and 31 people to Swaziland on an Adventure bike trip over the weekend. We left on Friday morning and took the N4 from Pretoria towards Belfast, we met at the Diamond Hill Sasol garage at 8am.

Once everyone arrived and filled up and had a refreshing drink, we were ready to head onto Alzu for breakfast.

After breakfast we headed out to Belfast, where we turned off to Carolina. Although this the road is 10kms further, it is a better road with no pot holes. Then it was onto the Oshoek Border post. Just after the border post we stopped at the Ngwenya Glass factory, where we had lunch and watched some glass ornaments being made.

After lunch it was back on the bikes and a short trip down the road to our accommodation for the first evening at Hawane Lodge, where we stayed in these cute little thatch roof huts. Sundowners around the pool and a relaxing afternoon.

Day 2: The next morning after breakfast we left for Maguga Dam for a short stop at the Maguga Lodge overlooking the dam, and then onto the dam wall, across to the lookout point and then a ride around the dam.

Then it was onto the Swazi Candles stop where we enjoyed lunch at the Sambane Coffee shop, and a time to browse the various curio shops for something to take home. It was also very interesting to see candle making at another level.

After lunch back on the bikes to Siteki Hotel which is in the furthest Eastern part of Swaziland close to the Mozambique border. The accommodation was great as all our rooms were overlooking the swimming pool. Once again everyone got in the pool with drinks and sundowners after a long days ride.

Day 3: After breakfast it was time for the 550km trip back to Pretoria. On the bikes, this time we went through a beautiful forest ride to the Nerston border post. Through Amsterdam, on to Carolina where we stopped for lunch, through Belfast, back to Middelburg where we stopped for petrol and greet everyone before heading home.

This was a truly great trip with a great bunch of people. Glad we could complete the 1,200kms without any incidents and look forward to the next one.

At the bottom of this blog, you can scroll all the way to the bottom to view all the places we have visited over the past 3 years. Click on the name of the restaurant and it will open up, where we went and our experience of the place. Hope you enjoyed this blog, hope to see you out and about soon.

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