Midlands Trip

Ulysses Centurion bike club

Type: Travel and accommodation

We met at the Samrand Shell garage N1 South at 05:30am for departure at 06:00am. We were 18 bikes in total and left after a short word by our club President – Blackie and prayer by Flip. We travelled down the N1 to the Engen at Villiers for a short break and a warm cup of coffee. Temperatures were set to drop to 5 degrees on route.

We then departed Villiers and took the R103 to Harrismith, where we stopped for breakfast just after 9am.

We enjoyed a 2 hour break, leg stretch and toilet break, after breakfast and after a fill up, we were on our way to Sterkfontein dam for a group photo.

There was a thick low lying cloud that made visibility very poor, thick fog made the road wet and slippery through the Oliviershoek pass. Then we stopped at The Pig and Plough Restaurant for something to eat…

After lunch it was off again through the Midlands Meander and final leg to St Ives accommodation for our first night. We ended the evening at the Boma restaurant for supper, drinks, jokes and few snuife. (dankie Johan) A total of 560kms travelled for the day.

Day 2 started with breakfast at 8am and a 9am start, all riders geared up for the day ahead. We were joined by a further 4 bikes who rode down later, making the group 22 bikes in total. (the largest Midlands trip to date)

Route: Howick, Boston, Bulwer, Underburg, Himeville Arms for a quick drink to cool down as the temperatures reached 28 degrees. Onto Donnybrook, Ixopo, and Richmond, we hit some tight corners through the pass, but all arrived safe for lunch at Eston Farmers Club. Then it was time to head back through Pietermaritzburg, a quick stop at Howick Falls for a group photo and onto St Ives. A total of 360kms covered today.

Day 3 started with breakfast at 8am and a 9am start, all riders geared up for the day ahead.

We headed back through Pietermaritzburg, Wartburg, Dalton, Greytown, Mooirivier, Rosetta and onto Nottingham Road and Bierfassl Restaurant for lunch and some stopped at Rawdons Hotel and Brewery for a drink before heading back to St Ives. A total of 250kms covered today.

Day 4 started with breakfast at 8am and a 9am start, all riders geared up for the day ahead as we head back home today.

Route through Mooirivier, Estcourt, Ladysmith, Newcastle, Volksrust, Standerton, Heidelburg and home. We were fighting the wind the entire way home, with wind gusts up to 12kph, but at least it was a nice hot summers day with no rain… A total of 580kms travelled today.

A total of 1,750kms travelled in 4 days… all arrived safely home after a wonderful long weekend.

At the bottom of this blog, you can scroll all the way to the bottom to view all the places we have visited over the past 3 years. Click on the name of the restaurant and it will open up, where we went and our experience of the place. Hope you enjoyed this blog, hope to see you out and about soon.

3 thoughts on “Midlands Trip

  1. This is LIFE!!
    How fortunate to be with such a adventorous Ulysses family that are still young enough to enjoy the beauty of our country. Seeing new places, riding in different sorts of seasons and staying in beautiful places.
    “Young riders pick a destination and go…….Old riders pick a direction and go”

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  2. Lovely trip with awesome people! Before anyone gets the wrong idea, the “snuife” was in fact some fun with tobacco snuff and not an illegal substance…… just to clarify😊

    Liked by 1 person

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