Hi there, myself and my wife Heather enjoy travelling and meeting new people and visiting new places. I purchased a 2007 BMW R1200GS Adventure bike in June 2015 to do Saturday breakfast runs with my wife as my pillion.

Heather bought us a Scala Rider Q3 headset for the helmets so we can chat to each other while we ride. The last year has brought us as a couple closer together and we are enjoying each other’s company as we share a common interest and we are loving life.

I have been sharing our trips and places of interest with family and friends and today as I was chatting to an old work colleague (Nigel) whom I haven’t seen in about 15 years it dawned on me that I should write a blog about our adventures on the bike, and share this with everyone. The response has been phenomenal and I have grown my viewership to 9,500 views within the last 5 years. Thank you.

I have since sold my 2007 BMW R1200GS Adventure bike and purchased a 2014 model. The bike has improved considerably with many more features and benefits, and I am thoroughly enjoying the ride.

In March 2019 after doing 3 trips with Ulysses Centurion Chapter and meeting a bunch of great people we decided to join the chapter as members. They accepted us as one of the family and we joined their National Rally to Buffelspoort in May 2019. Some of these blogs will be about our Ulysses bike trips to see our beautiful country on a 1200GSA.

I hope you enjoy our blog and feel free to leave a comment.

Life is a journey enjoy the ride.